Foundation for the advancement of theoretical physics “BASIS” was established in 2016 by the Russian businessman Oleg Deripaska with the main goal to support theoretical physics in Russia.

Theoretical physics has a key importance to present-day science and is an integral part of high quality natural science education. Concepts and ideas formerly originated in relativity theory and quantum theory today are perceived as a part of contemporary culture in a very broad sense – from high technologies to philosophy and art.

Russian school of theoretical physics traditionally stands on a high level and has an authority with the international scientific community. With this in mind today it is crucially important to support young researchers in this field and their work under the supervision of internationally recognized scientists.  

All programs of the Foundation  are designed to provide a systematic and complex support of theoretical physics in Russia, to improve competitive level of Russian scientist and lecturers as well as to strengthen the connection and interrelation between science and education in this field.


The grant program includes:
  • individual grants to support Russian scientist on every stage of their career with special focus on young talented scientist and their participation in research teams of the internationally competitive level
  • financial support of international cooperation in scientific field including participation of researchers in the best programs, conferences and schools
  • support of scientific and educational projects and events
  • special program aimed at advancement of theoretical physics in the Faculty of Physics of the M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University