Летняя школа

Summer school  "Many body theory meets quantum information"


“BASIS” Foundation and The Faculty of Physics of Moscow State University continue their annual series of summer schools on theoretical physics. The 2018 school will be devoted to contemporary condensed matter theory. The school will include 10 lecture courses, 8 academic hours each.

The program targets the advanced students, PhD students and young researchers specializing in theoretical physics of many body systems.  The official language of the school is English.

Arrival date: 19.08.2018, departure date: 31.08.2018.


Lecture courses (preliminarily):


1. The concepts of many-body

2. Quantum phase transitions

3. Correlated materials simulations: from DFT to DMFT and beyond

4. Real-time dynamics (focus on numerically exact methods)

5. Real-time dynamics (focus on description of experiments)

6. Many-body disorder and quantum thermodynamics

7. Quantum information and machine learning for cond-mat (theoretical)

8. Topology for quantum information storage

9. Superconducting quantum information devices (experimental)

10. Ultracold matter (experimental)



Alexey Rubtsov (Moscow State University & Russian Quantum Center), chair

Oksana Boytsova (BASIS foundation)

Petr Arseev (Lebedev Physical institute)

Grigory Astretsov (Moscow State University & Russian Quantum Center)

Anton Markov (Moscow State University & Russian Quantum Center)

Alya Porembskaya (BASIS Foundation)



The application will be open soon. Foundation BASIS plans to support limited amount of young researchers from Russian universities and research centers.


The school will take place in a hotel in the Moscow region.

Arrival and departure

19.08  a bus will be provided from the Belorusskaya station to the Hotel

31.08  a bus will be provided from the Hotel to Belorusskaya station


Link to the  2017 summer school “Modern trends in the theory of fundamental interactions”