Летняя школа

We regret to inform you that due to the current situation with coronavirus pandemic we have to postpone the BASIS foundation summer school 2020 «Modern methods in Quantum Field Theory» to the summer 2022. The exact dates of the School will be fixed later (most likely this will be the end of July/beginning of August).

We will keep you updated.

BASIS Foundation Summer School 2020

«Modern methods in Quantum Field Theory»

(Sochi, 20.07-01.08.2020)

Theoretical physics and mathematics Advancement Foundation «BASIS» continues the annual series of summer schools on theoretical physics. The topic of the 2020 School organized by the Institute for Theoretical and Mathematical Physics and Faculty of Physics of Lomonosov Moscow State University will be modern directions in Quantum Field Theory.

The 2020 School targets advanced master and PhD students and young researchers specializing in theoretical and mathematical physics of fundamental interactions. The aim is to give an introduction to modern ideas and methods of QFT.
There will be 6 lecture courses, 8-10 academic hours each. The official language of the school is English.

Lecture courses:

1. «On-shell methods for quarks, gluons and black holes»
Alexander Ochirov (ETH, Zurich)

Introduction to modern methods for computing scattering amplitudes in gauge and gravity theories. Will cover spinor-helicity formalism for massless and massive particles, on-shell BCFW recursion and generalized unitarity cuts and applications to classical scattering of black holes.

2. «Integrable quantum field theories»
 Konstantin Zarembo (Nordita, Stockholm)

Introduction to exactly solvable models of QFT in two dimensions and their use in the AdS/CFT correspondence. Integrability bootstrap will be illustrated by exact spectrum and Zamolodchikov S-matrices for sinh-Gordon and sin-Gordon models.

3. «Introduction to two-dimensional conformal field theory»
Anatoly Dymarsky (Kentucky U. & Skoltech)

Pedagogical introduction to 2d CFT (radial quantization, local operators, operator/state correspondence, OPE) and basics of KdV integrable structure.

4. «Introduction to the SYK models»
Grigory Tarnapolsky (Harvard U.)

Introduction to Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev and tensor models as a new class of large N quantum field theories.

5. «T-Tbar deformations of integrable systems»
Alessandro Sfondrini (Padua U.)

Review of a particular type of irrelevant deformations of 2d QFTs constructed from stress tensor. T-Tbar deformation of integrable models will be described in terms of factorised scattering and Bethe ansatz and relation to string theory will be mentioned.
6. «Infrared divergences in gauge theories»
Gregory Korchemsky (Institute de Physique Theorique, Saclay)

Introduction to infrared singularities of scattering amplitudes and their relation to Wilson loops.


Those interested in attending the school should fill in the application form. The participation is free of charge but the estimated price for the accommodation (full-board, shared twin room in a hotel) is 55 thousand Rubles (appr. 800 euro). BASIS Foundation will cover accommodation and/or travel expenses for a limited number of participants from Russia and near abroad. If you seek financial support you should make a request on the application form. The deadline for applications is March 20, 2020. The decision on supported applications is expected within a few weeks after the deadline.

All accepted participants excluding Master students and 1-st year PhD students will be required to give a poster presentation of their research. Authors of selected posters will be offered an opportunity to present a 20 min talk.


Arkady Tseytlin (ITMP MSU & Imperial College London), chair
Gleb Arutyunov (Hamburg University)
Maxim Grigoriev (ITMP MSU & Lebedev Institute Moscow & BASIS Foundation)
Oksana Boytsova (BASIS Foundation)
Alya Porembskaya (BASIS Foundation), coordinator
Olga Mamontova (ITMP MSU)


The school will take place at the SIRIUS Education Centre at the Black Sea coast in Sochi, Russian Federation (30 minutes drive time from Sochi International Airport).

Arrival and departure

20.07.2020 a bus will be provided from the Sochi International Airport to the Centre
01.08.2020 a bus will be provided from the Centre to the Sochi International Airport