Poster presentations

The following participants of the BASIS Foundation Summer School 2018 have made a poster presentation of their scientific results:

  • Marsel Arifullin (Orenburg State University, PostDoc, «Phase shifted pulses for QFT operations with paramagnetic ions»)
  • Anastasia Aristova (Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology, PhD Student, «Two-component model of superconductivity in a checkerboard background»)
  • Anna Bychek (Kirensky Institute of Physics, Master Student, «Excited states of ultracold Bose atoms in the double-well potential»)
  • Koen Groenland (CWI and University of Amsterdam, PhD student, «Many-body strategies for multi-qubit gates»)
  • Mikhail Kaygorodov (Saint Petersburg State University, Master Student, «Relativistic configuration-interaction calculation of relativistic recoil effect for the 2s+1pj–1s0 transitions in low z berylliumlike ions»)
  • Mikhail Khramtsov (Steklov Mathematical Institute, PhD student, «Replica-nondiagonal solutions in the SYK model»)
  • Artem Korobitsin (Bogoliubov Laboratory of Theoretical Physics, Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, PhD student, «Ultracold atomic clusters via faddeev differential equations»)
  • Daria Medvedeva (Ural Federal University, junior researcher without degree, «Calculation scheme based on the exact diagonalization approach for solving the Extended DMFT equations»)
  • Nikita Pavlov (Institute for Electrophysics, Russian Academy of Sciences, PhD student, «Electronic structure of FeSe monolayer and K1-xFe2-ySe2 superconductors: shallow bands and correlations»)
  • David Saykin (Skoltech, Bachelor of Science, «Landau Levels in Weyl semimetals»)
  • Tatiana Vovk (ITMO Univeristy, Bachelor of Science, student, «Translational cooling of doped nanocrystals by Raman pulses: Towards macroscopic quantum state»)
  • Nikita Zhadnov (Lebedev Physical Institute, PhD student, «Ultrastable lasers for precision spectroscopy»)